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Company «Royal Rose»

RoyalBrushes is our own trademark in the Russian market of consumer goods. Under the brand offers a wide range of products manufactured by our company.

We work in the Russian market more than 20 years, constantly improving in the sphere of processing and production of products from plastic.

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Wholesale trade of combs, hair curlers for professional hairdressers and cosmetics. Our site contains a wide selection of hair curlers for hair and combs for any taste: heated hair rollers - 15 species; professional hair curlers for hair; foam; for perms; simple curlers with a rubber band.

Mirror wholesale for any purpose and use, standing mirrors, pocket mirrors, wall mounted mirrors and many more.

Manicure and accessories wholesale, in our arsenal there are more than 60 types of manicure accessories of various kinds for women and men.

We are interested in cooperation with regional companies and are ready to make all efforts for the protection of their interests on the local market. Serious partners in the regions provide special conditions of cooperation.

The basic direction of our activity - wholesale of combs, mirrors, hair curlers, and manicure and pedicure accessories imported as well as local brands.