Delivery of the goods in Moscow:

Our company does not have its own transport, so the delivery in Moscow and nearest regions we carry out by means of transport companies. The cost of such delivery depends on the transport company, the volume of the cargo and the distance of the customer.

In may 2008 the rental truck "Gazel" for 2 hours (this minimum) is 1150 rubles plus 350 roubles for each subsequent hour. You can pick up the goods in your own car or by rented car. It is necessary to consider, that the hour of location of the vehicle on the territory of our warehouse is 20 rubles.

Delivery of the goods to the regions:

We deliver the goods to the regions through transport companies, which have a representative office in Moscow and in your city/region. The cost of delivery in your region and get to know the local branch of your transport company, because you will be paying when receiving the shipment . We recommend you to conclude a contract with your transport company in order for it to yourself pick up the cargo from our warehouse, it is for you to be cheaper and faster than we would do our own.

If you do not have such opportunity, we can independently take the load on your transport company, in the same queue, the cost of delivery to the transport company will refer to "AS DELIVERED the GOODS ON MOSCOW. "Taking into account peculiarities of Moscow, and the long distances and road congestion our delivery can for you to do much more than a fence of cargo from our warehouse the transport company.

Tips about the problems arising in the course of delivery of a transport company:

We try to pack the goods in such a way as to minimize the risks of damaging the goods in the road. This rarely happens, but you have to remember that a careless transportation can become the reason of damaging of the goods. In such cases we recommend you to mark the cargo words "Caution fragile', but in many transport companies can be regarded as a cargo requires special conditions of transportation and increase the value of the delivery.

In the above case, in any case, we will not be responsible for problems with the delivery of the cargo. If you want to we compensated for the resulting marriage, we recommend you to insure the cargo in our company, the cost of the insurance amount to 5% of the value of goods.

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